Basic Steps in Taking Care of a Pigeon

Pigeon is an attractive bird hence an increased number of people having them as pets. It is important to have an insight into the basic steps of taking care of a pigeon for a healthy and safe living of the bird. Pigeon is a bird that requires a small amount of food and can go for days without food. When you are willing to tame wild pigeons, it is necessary to follow the following basic steps for quality care to the bird.


Prepare a cage


One is required to prepare a cage that is 30 to 42 inches to house the pigeon. The cage is used to reduce the cases of the bird moving to harmful areas in the premises. It becomes possible for one to protect the bird when it is in the cage due to the reduced movement and threat. Cats and dogs may feed on the pigeon require having a cage that is strong for the bird. The cage is supposed to be in an open place where the bird has a clear view of the surrounding. Placing the cage outdoor will make the pigeon grow happy and healthy due to exposure to nature.


Be gentle to the bird


When handling the bird it is important to use a soft towel in reducing injury cases. The baby pigeon is vulnerable requiring one to handle them with care before placing the bird in the box. Being gentle with the bird is needed especially when capturing it from the wild.


Provide clean water


The care to the pigeon is mainly to offer shelter, food and water. An individual is required to have information of offering the basic needs of a pigeon that will be beneficial to the bird. Clean water is a necessity to the bird where one is supposed to cut a tin to have a height of one inch. The reduced height is aimed at ensuring that the pigeon can drink the clean water without a struggle.


Provide pigeon food


The pigeon food is supposed to focus on the healthy living of the bird where one is required to purchase in reputable stores. It is essential to focus on pellet food, fresh fruits and vegetables to the pigeon. The diet should be planned to ensure that there it is sufficient with minerals. Calcium is an important mineral for the bird to strengthen the bones requiring one to reduce the seed only food to the bird as it leads to calcium deficiency. While the health importance of ginger isn’t as crucial to birds, you may opt to give this to pigeons. 


Entertain the pigeon


Whether it is the indoor or the outdoor pigeon, it is vital to have toys that will entertain the bird. People come up with various designs of the pets to make the bird feel comfortable in the cage. It is important to make sure that the bird is happy by offering toys and swings.


Consult the wild care experts


Pigeon care can be complicated to some individual requiring having a number of the Wild Care experts that will offer needed advice on dealing with the bird. The expert offers information about the best stores to get the pigeon foods and ways to handle injuries on the bird. It is important to take the bird for check up in reducing cases of infections and diseases.